« To be a community of men and women of every age and of all nations, filled with the life of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and demonstrating to the world the love, grace and wisdom of God”

We are part of the Newfrontiers family of churches, which is made up of around 800 churches in more than 60 nations.



Our vision is for our students to be filled with the desire to take an active part in church life, and also to bless the city of Rennes by bringing to it the good news of the Gospel.

Here are some testimonies from international students :

Hannah from the UK :

I love this church! The reason we chose to become a part of the community was first of all that we felt everybody there was free to worship God and get to know Him at their own pace. At the time I was really struggling with what I believed and was very wary of « churchy » ways and being pressured into believing things. But the people at this church loved me back into trusting God. They let me work things out slowly and integrated me into their homes and lives from the start. As a foreign student it was also a brilliant place to meet people and I was able to practice my French with all the people I met. There are so many nationalities in the church as well so you don’t feel out of place as a foreigner. I would definitely advise any foreign student to try this church out. »

Becs from the UK :

I have been part of many churches during my travels around the world and I can safely say that the church in Rennes felt the most like a family to me, right from the beginning we were invited to join in with activities and lunches and not only did they make the effort to invite us but they also welcomed with ease. I really loved how we made friends right across the ages, if you get involved in the running of the church you get to know the mums, dads, children and young adults. Leaving Rennes was quite hard to do anyway but especially after my last Sunday when Paul asked people to come up and pray for me, I was very touched to see a whole group of people surround me and pray for me. I found the church lively and Spirit filled, with a really positive attitude about moving forward with God. I would encourage all students and young adults to get involved in this church a go, you are guaranteed to take good memories away with you. »