Who we are?


« To be a community of men and women of every age and of all nations, filled with the life of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and demonstrating to the world the love, grace and wisdom of God”

We are part of the Newfrontiers family of churches, which is made up of around 800 churches in more than 60 nations.


EPER La Rencontre

Founded in October 2004, the Evangelical Protestant Church “La Rencontre” is a community of men, women, children and young people, of a wide range of nationalities: ordinary people… who have met with an extraordinary God.

Our desire is to celebrate together our new life with God and to lead others to do the same. With this aim, we meet from 10am every Sunday to worship God by singing contemporary songs, to pray and to listen to Bible teaching. We believe that the model of Church life in the New Testament of the Bible is still relevant today, therefore we expect to see God at work in the meetings in a supernatural way – for example, through prophetic words, and by healing the sick.

We sometimes meet up at other times during the week to spend time together in the presence of God and for theological teaching, including the Alpha Course which is for those who are looking into, or who have recently got started in the Christian Faith.
Church life isn’t just meetings but friendships, therefore we often meet up for relaxed social events: meals, walks, sport…
We would be delighted to welcome you if you live in the region of Rennes, if you have come here to study, or if you are passing through. Don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us an email and we will reply as soon as possible.
We also work in partnership with an international family of churches, Newfrontiers, which keeps us in touch with what God is doing everywhere in the world, and supports us in our activity in the local area.

Our values

Our fellowship is committed to some particular values. Some of these values shown below are essential and are already put into practice, whereas some are still aspirations. In any case, this is what we strive for:

  • Living the grace of God
  • Rejoicing in worship
  • Persevering in prayer
  • Seeking the life and gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Teaching the word of God
  • Learning from one another
  • Working together
  • Encouraging the gifts, abilities and creativity of each person
  • Valuing families, young people and children
  • Developing conviviality and friendship
  • Pursuing generosity
  • Helping the poor and destitute
  • Sharing the good news of the Gospel by our life and our words
  • Involving ourselves in church plants all over the world
  • Co-operating with other churches in the local area, as well as regional and international ones
  • Developing a structure that serves the Church’s vision

For further information:

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